Also without a condition, huge numbers of people be worried about being hurt or hurting other people.
You state past hurt” that you wonder if him ignoring you and starting a new relationship very quickly is his way of “protecting himself/forgetting? we say, just how long is an item of sequence? It could be anger; it may be maybe not wanting a scene whether that is concern with his or her own behaviour/feelings/words or yours; it could be shutting out due to shame and pity; it might be trauma; it may be he has a parent/caregiver that aspects of this participation reminded him of. You must return to the line that is top: you described him to be “avoidant” into the relationship and this means he’s bound to be avoidant out of it.
Lots of people bounce from relationship to relationship to prevent confronting the emotions that area at the conclusion of a relationship around loss and vulnerability but their hurt that is past does completely connect with you. […]