10 Hot, Kinky Sex Tales From REALLY Truthful Guys

1. Girl-on-girl-on-girl-on-girl (and me personally)
“we decided to go to a sex that is kinky with my gf, which we took Molly for. This is a extremely sex-friendly (often there isn’t any intercourse, or individuals quietly judge people who fuck). My gf finished up in group having a half dozen other women that had been all fingering and fucking one another. I quickly got taken in. It had been excellent.”
2. Very first time having a squirter
“I happened to be during intercourse with a female and my phone went down. We had been nude and hooking up or whatever. The telephone ended up being close to the nightstand though, and I also had been concerned it absolutely was work! Therefore, celebration foul, i acquired up and examined. She actually is setting up across the edge of the sleep and even though i am standing next to her reading an email she begins jerking/sucking me down. While still reading the telephone during my remaining hand, we reached down between my right hand to her legs and began aggressively fingering her. I possibly could tell something happened because she forget about me personally along with her arms went rigid at her edges. Then she screamed “OH our Jesus WHAT EXACTLY ARE YOU DOING TO ME. ” I put the device down. I am nevertheless taking a stand by her neck hammering my right hand to her box. She quickly flopped around just like a seafood then began squirting such as a broken fire hydrant. Gushing and spraying all around us. It had been my very first time by having a squirter plus it ended up being the hottest thing ever. I might later read that where I became standing plus the angle of my hand is a technique that is common in making someone squirt!”
3. The three-night-stand
“the main one summer fling we ever endured was a three-night stand. We’d hit it well great with this particular woman on the 4th of while I was visiting a friend in her summer program july. […]