Upon showing up on Concordia, Kryze and Kenobi were greeted within the hangar regarding the regional complex that is governmental Governor Pre Vizsla and some of their guards.
Whenever Master Kenobi made a decision to start a study associated with the supposedly abandoned mines, Kryze opposed their move. Vizsla left their guards to manage the dead bomber, arranging their funeral, while he and Kryze penned your family a page of condolence on their datapad. Kenobi then handed the Duchess a small ear comlink and departed for the mines on a speeder bike that is small. Whilst the Jedi started their research, Vizsla questioned where he’d gone but Kryze responded he had been merely meditating. Whilst having a beverage with Governor Vizsla, Duchess Kryze started to consult with him that some body had been misinforming the Republic that the Death Watch had been overtaking Mandalore. Whenever she talked about that the outside force had become assisting the renegade team, Vizsla started initially to speculate that this type of force needed to be when you look at the greatest degrees of the Separatist Alliance. […]