This homophobe will not clean their genitals because he believes pressing their own penis is ‘gay’
A person told their gf he “doesn’t clean their genitals” and, if you want us, we will be screaming in to the void. Image is a model, perhaps not the homophobe at issue.(Elements Envato)
There was a genuine living breathing male who will not clean their genitals into a black hole and be crushed into a singularity of pure suffering because he feels touching his own penis is “gay” and we are ready to catapult ourselves.
The example that is latest of a genuine individual male embodying the ‘Fellas, could it be homosexual?’ meme, a reddit user took to your r/relationship_advice board to share with the unpleasant story of her 24-year-old boyfriend whom never washes his private regions as well as opts for a bidet “so he won’t need certainly to wipe”.
Deep breaths, dear audience, deep breaths.
Boyfriend does not want to have ‘any contact some guy has aided by the male ass or pubic areas is within a realm’ that is gay.
“So basically,” she had written within the long post, “he explained that he does not touch himself here, ever, since it’s ‘gay’. […]