How come a Labour Government billions that are borrowing speculators.
Look, We have no difficulties with the Reserve Bank producing cash to lend, that’s you can find out more fine, because my expectation of this choice is for the NZ Government to borrow that money at no interest to blow on instant infrastructure, Covid success expenses and welfare that looks following the brand brand new revolution of unemployed while ensuring well funded public services that assistance all people.
But that’s not exactly exactly exactly exactly what the fuck is going on right right right right here.
The cash will be moved into nude conjecture, that’s why the fucking household costs have actually erupted through the roof, folks are taking right out low low low interest through the banking institutions to take a position.
Why the Christ is really a Labour Government fuelling speculation that is naked?
AGAIN – pleased as Marx for the Reserve Bank to conjure up some money, but that cash is meant become for the federal government to borrow at a zero rate of interest to complete all of the things I’ve mentioned previously!
Bernard Hickey is making the precise point that is same!
They can’t appear to make it, nevertheless the national government as well as the Reserve Bank seem determined to print as much as $150 billion in money to help make the extremely rich even richer, and also to ignore telephone calls to pass through are just some of those billions towards the thousands and thousands of children and parents surviving in poverty.
Exactly why is a Labour Government selecting a path to massively inequality that is widen doing comparatively hardly any to lessen son or daughter poverty? It boggles your head, however it’s understandable whenever any other federal Government into the world that is developed doing exactly the same. It is no longer working overseas, plus it’s no longer working right right here. It must alter.
Regrettably the present strain of remaining wing activists are middle income woke identification politics warriors that are actually proficient at beginning petitions on Action Station to Free the Nipple for Mummy Blogger Trans Allies, they’re not too proficient at the entire neoliberal financial hegemonic structures therefore Labour are becoming no genuine critique from the remaining this madness due to the fact vast bulk don’t determine what is occurring. […]