Woman Asks If She Should Be Rid Of Most Her Frogs For A Man And Also The Online Says No
Often stories from the subreddit r/relationships appear to be they’re planning to go one of the ways and then there’s a razor-sharp left turn mid-story that completely changes your brain concerning the couple included. This story from Redditor u/chirpchirping is strictly that type of situation.
She posted towards the subreddit beneath the title, “My (21F) boyfriend (22M) desires me personally to choose from him and my entire life passion (frogs).”
On very first look, it could appear crazy to devote you to ultimately frogs over a committed partner, but she didn’t utilize the expression “life passion” lightly. She explains inside her post that the past few years, she’s been rescuing frogs and caring if they were her own children for them as. She became a biologist due to her frogs and it is in university working towards that goal. She claims they help her handle despair and friendships that are losing.
“At time it felt such as the reason that is only had been nevertheless right here would be to nurture them and provide them comfortable domiciles, ” she writes.
Then 6 months ago she came across her boyfriend. The OP claims they will have a relationship that is good but he’s got expressed he does not specially like pets. Her boyfriend shared with her he could be going somewhere else for grad school and invited her to come—but she could just bring three of her 14 frogs. […]