Being fully a “Cougar” May Be Popular, it is It advantageous to your quality of life?
Perhaps you have seen our article about rapper Curtis Jackson, more popularly known as 50 Cent, who may have admitted to using a ‘thing’ for actress Helen Mirren, whom, at 73, is three decades his senior?
Needless to say, since the article mentions, Ms. Mirren is cheerfully hitched, therefore the relevant concern of ‘what if’ is much more rhetorical than any such thing.
But it did get me personally thinking. Just exactly How typical is an age space in boomer dating where women can be the older 50 % of the few? And what are the ongoing wellness implications that boomer females should start thinking about before dating somebody who can be decades more youthful than these are generally?
It turns out that ‘older woman, more youthful man’ relationships are far more typical than I experienced thought. In reality, there is certainly some proof that almost one-third of ladies between your many years of 40 and 69 are dating more youthful men – with ‘younger’ being defined as 10 or even more years.
Think about us boomers, particularly? a present poll suggests that for everyone of us over 50, very nearly one-sixth like to date guys who’re inside their 40s. […]