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Requirements of Royal Decree 27/2012, of 15 November, on urgent measures to strengthen the protection of mortgagors and suspension of evictions.

The primary object of the Royal Decree-Law is the immediate suspension, and within two years of the evictions of families who are at particular risk of exclusion. This measure is necessary to prevent release ending with the eviction of people, but not affect the foreclosure proceedings, ie it is a moratorium, a suspension, in the […]

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The Government considers that a supplier unpaid by any Administration addressed directly to the Treasury and it can detract endow the delinquent.

The Government is considering legal instruments to detract communities and resources delinquent municipalities participating in state revenues in order that”no administration financed at the expense of not paying suppliers, even temporarily, or to win a year. “

This is one of the reforms to be undertaken by the central executive in the early months of 2013, […]

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Claim to a municipality for damages in public.

For Local Government, one of the most frequent claims liability is based on the damage sustained by citizens to the poor condition of the sidewalks and the overall municipal road and damage the facilities or spaces within municipally owned, maintained and good City Council must respond.
In light of the above, the recognition of the liability […]

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Limitation of 2,500 € in cash.

From today November 19 is effective limitation of 2500 € in cash payments between companies and / or professional
although relating to transactions entered previously.

Article 7 of the Law 7/2012, of October 29, to amend the budget and tax legislation
and adequacy of financial regulation for the intensification of the actions in preventing and combating
fraud. (BOE no. […]

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If the company fails, the employee may leave his post and receive compensation

The Supreme Court has issued a declaratory judgment that the employee may leave work when there is a serious failure on the part of the company, and will continue to retain their right to compensation.


The employee advised the company I worked for that if they paid within a period of eight days, back wages, leave […]

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Communicating reconciliation is a prerequisite for the recognition of the widow’s pension

The Labour Chamber of the High Court of Justice of Catalonia has rendered an innovative decision that resolves resource for widow’s pension rights in cases of marital reconciliation.

In essence, the appeal argues that people divorced or legally separated, to cause the widow’s pension should be the alimony creditorreferred to in Article 97 of the Civil […]

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Draft Tenancies Act

Draft Tenancies Act, introduced by the Minister of Development on 08.27.2012, pending approval.
It should be noted as most important, the following modifications:
1. Priority is given to the will of landlord and tenant, they may agree to the upgrade of income, irrespective of the IPC, and the resignation of the tenant the right of first refusal. […]

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