The Morning Fix: ‘No Strings connected’ scores big! Keith Olbermann’s exit gets tongues wagging! Sundance sizzles.
Following the coffee. Before allowing it to sink for the reason that we’m one older year.
The Skinny: really bummed about the Jets, however they had their possibility and nearly pulled it well. Rooting for the Packers, but i believe Steelers will win. The ladies were making “No Strings Attached” No. 1 at the box office while the guys were watching football. Conspiracy theories are nevertheless traveling about Keith Olbermann. It really is as if everybody forgets he’s got been fighting together with his MSNBC bosses for a long time and that that isn’t a shock. Oh, and operating Viacom will pay actually well!
Ladies want strings. Even though the reviews had been lower than stellar plus one of the movie stars had been Ashton Kutcher, the intimate comedy “No Strings Attached” from Paramount — that also stars the red-hot Natalie Portman — took the utmost effective spot during the package workplace with $20.3 million. Feamales in particular flocked to the film about a couple of whom decide they could have relationship that is physical the psychological entanglements. To arrive at # 2 had been Sony’s “The Green Hornet,” however the movie was down very nearly 50% from the opening. Box-office analysis through the l . a . Occasions and Movie City Information. As I steered clear of the multiplex and still couldn’t escape Natalie Portman for me. We viewed “Brothers,” that has been good but one thing of the downer.
Olbermann out of the home. Keith Olbermann, whose clashes with administration during their career that is long are, left their gig as host of MSNBC’s “Countdown” on Friday evening. Even though move got conspiracy theorists convinced that Comcast, which later on this week is expected to take close control of NBC Universal, ended up being behind Olbermann’s exit, people near to the anchor stated MSNBC brass to his relationships had been broken. […]