From today November 19 is effective limitation of 2500 € in cash payments between companies and / or professional
although relating to transactions entered previously.

Article 7 of the Law 7/2012, of October 29, to amend the budget and tax legislation
and adequacy of financial regulation for the intensification of the actions in preventing and combating
fraud. (BOE no. 261 of October 30, 2012) is effective today brings the following key developments:

1st., Not allowed cash payments of any kind (whether in cash, checks, etc …) in transactions by traders or professionals in the amount not less than 2,500 euros.

2nd.-For each operation will be considered the sum of all payments that have been split.

3rd.-, Operations that can not be paid in cash (all above 2,500 euros) must be kept
proof of payment for five years (to prove that was not paid in cash).

4th.-This limitation does not apply to payments and receipts made in banks.