Measures promoting employability and occupation.

Publication in the Official Gazette of 5 July, the Royal Decree Law 8/2014, approving urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency.

Inception Date: July 7, 2014.

The RD, collects various measures to promote the employment of minors between 16 and 25 (under 30 if they have recognized a degree ofdisability equal to or greater than 33%.)

National Youth Guarantee System in Spain:

Purpose: To foster jobs, education, apprenticeship training or practice after finishing formal education or be unemployed, youth unoccupiedor systems integrated into education or training.

The file of the National Youth Guarantee, their nature and purpose and functions, requirements and procedure for enrollment in it, and the arrangements of the data contained in it is created.

New incentives for permanent contracts:

New bonus contribution to corporate contributions to Social Security 300 € / month for up to 6 months, if a contract of indefinitebeneficiaries of the National System of Youth Guarantee way (bonus also extends to self-employed and Social Economy entities).
This bonus is compatible with other incentives, as long as the monthly trading by the company or independent worker amount is not negative.

It is necessary to keep the company was engaged at least six months from the start of the employment relationship. (If part-time contracts,the day will be reduced at least 50% in proportion to that of a full-time worker, apply a bonus of between 150 and 225 €/month.)

Contract for Training and Learning

100% reduction in prices for companies with fewer than 250 employees and 75% for 250 or more workers and the bonus of up to 25% for the training activity (at least 25% the first year and remains 15% the second and third year).

Contract in Practice:

100% match bonus on employer contributions for common contingencies when hiring young trainees enrolled in the Youth GuaranteeSystem.

Part-time contract with formative link:

Reduction of corporate contribution for common contingencies (75% for companies with more than 250 workers and 100% for the rest) for up to 12 months for the recruitment of unemployed youth under 30 with no previous job, with less work experience 3 months or coming from another sector (retraining) that reconcile employment and training.

Bonuses academic practices of college students and vocational basis of any remuneration: For these groups a bonus of 100% on the price is set from the day August 1, 2014