1)       Severance pay will be taxed for income tax. With the new tax reform, all severance payments will be taxed, but will benefit from a free allowance of 2,000 euros per year worked (which allow taxpayers with salaries of € 20,000 or less do not have to pay the IRS when they dismissed).


2)       The overall reduction for income from work is reviewed and integrated into the same deduction in the current quota, while the amount for low-income workers rises. Thus, workers may reduce their work performance in a fixed amount of 2,000 euros in other expenses.


3)       the reduction applicable to certain employees is increased self-employed or self-employed, while an overall reduction for other low-income self-created, absorbed with this perception of the deduction for earned income.


4)       Taxpayers who work outside the home and have parents or children with disabilities in their care, or are part of a large family, may deduct in the differential fee of up to 1,200 per year for each of these situations, deduction It is also perfectly compatible with the current deduction for motherhood.


5)       The withholding rates to low-income professionals are stoop.


6)       The tax allocation of the portion of the premiums paid which corresponds to the sum insured for death or disability insurance contracts that collectively cover the contingencies of retirement and death or incapacity becomes obligatory.


7)       Different concepts that were not deemed to be return in kind to have passed even if they are exempt and others cease to be (stock or shares of the company or other group companies who give workers).


8)       The valuation of some income in kind is amended: the use of a home owned by the payer and the use or delivery of motor vehicles, noting that, in the case of transfer of use of vehicles considered energy efficient, the resulting valuation may be reduced by up to 30 percent.


9)       Reductions are amended.


10)    The limit of the premiums paid to private insurance that covers only the risk of severe dependence or big reducible dependency of the tax base goes from 10,000 to 8,000 per year, remaining at 5,000 per year in the case of group insurance dependency .


11)    The deduction is eliminated by obtaining income from employment or economic activities, adding a deduction for large family or disabled dependents.


12)    The special tax regime for displaced Spanish territory workers, including those displaced by January 1, 2105, so is simplified that may choose to pay the tax on non-resident income, not just those moving to Spanish territory for a contract of employment, but also those who acquire the status of an entity manager does not participate in the capital or the interest therein determined not considered a related entity.


13)    The extent to which they will not declare that obtain income exclusively from gross salary income is increased from 11,200 to 12,000 per year.


14)    Retention rates, which become 19 to 45% according to five income brackets are reduced.


15)    An annual amount of contributions and set up business systems social security contributions 8,000 €/ year is established. And for collective dependency hired by insurance companies to cover pension obligations 5,000 €/year.