Upon showing up on Concordia, Kryze and Kenobi were greeted within the hangar regarding the regional complex that is governmental Governor Pre Vizsla and some of their guards.

Whenever Master Kenobi made a decision to start a study associated with the supposedly abandoned mines, Kryze opposed their move. Vizsla left their guards to manage the dead bomber, arranging their funeral, while he and Kryze penned your family a page of condolence on their datapad. Kenobi then handed the Duchess a small ear comlink and departed for the mines on a speeder bike that is small. Whilst the Jedi started their research, Vizsla questioned where he’d gone but Kryze responded he had been merely meditating. Whilst having a beverage with Governor Vizsla, Duchess Kryze started to consult with him that some body had been misinforming the Republic that the Death Watch had been overtaking Mandalore. Whenever she talked about that the outside force had become assisting the renegade team, Vizsla started initially to speculate that this type of force needed to be when you look at the greatest degrees of the Separatist Alliance. Then he joked that having such a effective being plotting her downfall ended up being an indication of her impact and a praise. Unbeknown to Kryze, however, Vizsla had secretly collaborated with Count Dooku, the leader that is public of Separatists, to prepare the kidnapping of this Duchess. [5]

Creating a discovery [ edit | edit source ]

Satine while on Concordia

While Kryze ended up being occupied, Kenobi reached the mines he had been trying to find. He joined anyone to find out it was maybe not abandoned, while he had thought, but instead utilized to generate armor and jetpacks for the Death Watch. Two warriors noticed Kenobi and place him for a conveyor gear that resulted in a stone machine that is crushing. In utter stress, Master Kenobi contacted Kryze on a comlink. Kryze, hearing their demand assistance as she had been dining with Vizsla, attempted to discreetly speak to him so that you can not be noticed by the Governor. Telling Vizsla she took one of the speeder bikes in the hangar and hurried to the mine that she needed to go outside for some fresh air. Whenever Kryze found its way to the mine, Kenobi told Kryze which he had been trapped and planning to be killed into the stone grinding device. Planning to produce a diversion that will lead the 2 Death Watch guards far from Kenobi, she tripped an alarm when you look at the mine. Because of the two guards gone, Kryze hurried into the control board to disable the rock crusher. Finally, she surely could press the button that is right the panel, saving Kenobi only seconds before exactly exactly what would otherwise have marked their death. [5]

At that brief minute, nonetheless, the 2 Death Watch guards came back and started to strike the Duchess. Whenever certainly one of them grabbed Kryze by the back, she begun to react and kicked a steel canister on the conveyor gear, permitting Kenobi to leap up and attack the guards. Obi-Wan quickly fought them, delivering them against a wall surface and knocking them unconscious. Each of them then took solution elevator out from the mine and on the moon’s surface. While within the elevator, Kryze chided Kenobi for fighting the guards with such simplicity regardless of the Jedi’s pacifism, in which he accused her of not being troubled sufficient using the known undeniable fact that he’d almost been killed. Before they might carry on arguing, but, these were assaulted by more Death Watch soldiers. The Jedi Master fought the newly appeared users as Kryze remained concealed behind him. Whenever Kenobi ended up being assaulted by among the soldiers, Kryze tossed a stone at their assailant, momentarily stunning him and Kenobi that is allowing to the guard. Nevertheless, at that time, the top associated with Death Watch arrived with a brand new selection of three guards at their side hornet. He eliminated their helmet and revealed himself to be Pre Vizsla, which totally surprised the Duchess. [5]

Vizsla criticized Kryze’s New Mandalorian federal government and told the Duchess that she went contrary to the extremely methods of the Mandalorians. Kryze then viewed as Kenobi used their lightsaber to duel Vizsla, who was simply equipped with an archaic darksaber. As Kenobi gained the top hand, Vizsla ordered their males to fire the guided missiles from their jetpacks. Kenobi took Kryze to security, getting her in the hands and jumping along the elevator shaft to evade the inbound missiles. After Kryze while the Jedi had gotten to safety, Vizsla ordered their guys never to carry on because of the assault, thinking in a short time that they would be able to take care of her. Kryze came back with Kenobi to Sundari and willing to board her starship, the Coronet, to be able to keep for Coruscant and notify the Galactic Senate of her pacifist place within the conflict that is current. Whenever Master Kenobi attempted to persuade her that Death Watch had been supported by the Separatists, she vehemently denied this particular fact. She additionally restated her stance that is neutral in war, despite the fact that Kenobi had told her that such a situation could not last in today’s situation, which slightly angered her. Kryze, along along with her Jedi escort, then left for Coruscant. [5]

Aboard the Coronet [ edit | edit source ]

Following the development for the Death Watch, Satine Kryze, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and many clones left Mandalore up to speed the Coronet for the earth of Coruscant. Soon after entering hyperspace, the Duchess called up the two Jedi to her throne space. After they arrived, Kryze begun to argue with Master Kenobi about how exactly she discovers the notation of fighting for peace distasteful. While the conversation became more and more hot, Kryze dropped it as supper ended up being ready. [10]

Satine is taken hostage by Merrik.