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It’s frequent the situation that you have to suffer long waits due to flight delays, especially in holiday.

However, the great majority of passengers do not lodge any claim because they ignore the rights that they have.

For this reason, we stand out that the Court of Justice of the European Union has established the right to […]

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Entry into force of the Catalan court fee

The Official Journal of the Generalitat of Catalonia Wednesday 15 october 2014 , publishes the Order JUS / 303/2014 , of 13 October , by which the procedure and deadlines for self-assessment of the rate established by providing personal services and materials in the field of administration of justice in the cases referred to in […]

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New Resource in the foreclosure process to combat unfair terms.

Law 1/2013 , of 14 May , on measures to strengthen the protection to mortgage debtors , debt restructuring of the social and social rent, adapted the foreclosure process to the doctrine of the Judgment of the Court of Justice of the Union European of March 14, 2013 ( case Aziz ) . So LEC […]

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Forms of remuneration of the Directors.

The Directorate General of Registries and Notaries has been through several resolutions to settle trade doctrine referred to the remunerationof the directors. The main points to be considered when fixing the remuneration are:

If the position of manager is paid the remuneration to be fixed by the bylaws. If not fix it, means that the performance […]

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Measures promoting employability and occupation.

Measures promoting employability and occupation.

Publication in the Official Gazette of 5 July, the Royal Decree Law 8/2014, approving urgent measures for growth, competitiveness and efficiency.

Inception Date: July 7, 2014.

The RD, collects various measures to promote the employment of minors between 16 and 25 (under 30 if they have recognized a degree ofdisability equal to or […]

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Tax reform approved by the Government on 27 June. Most relevant developments in the field of social work:

1)       Severance pay will be taxed for income tax. With the new tax reform, all severance payments will be taxed, but will benefit from a free allowance of 2,000 euros per year worked (which allow taxpayers with salaries of € 20,000 or less do not have to pay the IRS when they dismissed).


2)       The overall […]

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Lorente & Utrilla Advocats , get a judgment declaring the bank contracts invalid subscription of preference shares by vice consent, and sentencing to repay € 309,329.87 , plus statutory interest , from each of the subscriptions, until the date of payment.

The Court of First Instance 1 Gava has given judgment declaring null signed several contracts preferred shares for an elderly couple and their daughter as vice consent.

In the Judgment, the demand is estimated , the invalidity of contracts and annexes is declared to return mutual benefit between the parties and the defendant is sentenced to […]

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The Judgment of the European Court of Justice, dated February 27, 2014, finds that the IVMDH is an illegal tax, as contrary to the European Directive on excise duties.
Is possible to claim back sums paid this tax for all fuel consumers, including individuals.
Of January 1, 2002 until December 31, 2012, and a calculation of liters […]

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If you suffer a car accident in Catalonia the limitation period of direct action against the insurer is one year and not three years as required by Civil Code of Catalonia.

It prevails within one year laid down in the Law on Civil Liability and Insurance for Motor Vehicle Traffic.

The Supreme Court declares in favor of the appeal by the Insurance Compensation Consortium against partially upholding judgment of the Provincial Court of Barcelona, on claim amount.
The Board, considering the appeal, states that in the event that […]

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Justice supports using private detectives , to sick leave “suspicious”

A recent judgment of the Superior Court of Justice (TSJ ) of Madrid guarantees that the company Altadis hire one of these professionals to the suspicion that a worker’s medical leave was false.

The use of private detectives to discover employees liars have judicial backing. The employee was caught while performing in the home garden and […]

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