Public subsidies, sanctions and state liability

  • Awarding of grants
  • Settlement proceedings
  • Reimbursement proceedings
  • Inspection proceedings
  • Disciplinary proceedings
  • Liability proceedings

Public goods and expropriations

  • Water, mines, ports and coasts
  • Other public assets
  • Expropriation process
  • Fair value
  • Reversals

Public procurement, infrastructure and facilities

  • Procurement proceedings
  • Administrative and contentious-administrative appeals
  • Concessions of public works and other forms of promotion of public infrastructure. Funding solutions
  • Recruitment of public sector bodies

Constitutional and Administrative Dispute Proceedings

  • Contentious-administrative proceedings at first instance
  • Appeals and appeals on points of law
  • Precautionary measures
  • Applications for redress before the Constitutional Court

Special Administrative law

  • EnergyTelecommunications
  • Planning
  • Data protection
  • Administrative aspects of transport
  • Other regulated sectors: administrative aspects concerning regulation of stock markets and credit development