We have acquired extensive understanding and experience treating our customers tax problems. This provides very accurate insight of the tax aspects of the customer’s individual situation as well as that of his business. In turn, we can measure the possible alternatives in the area of tax planning. Furthermore, the experience built up on our relationship with tax authorities enables us to tackle reliably any reviews that may take place.
In this area, we work closely with several law firms with extensive experience in tax, accounting and financial advice.

Our services and field of action cover:

  • Ongoing advice to businesses on the proper care of their tax obligations
  • In-depth analysis of taxation of specific transactions, drafting alternatives that eventually lead to an optimization of the tax burden. Worth noting financial operations, insurance, real estate and structured assets, among others
  • Planning of corporate structures from a tax perspective, both nationally and internationally
  • Taxation of companies and restructuring operations, in particular, mergers and acquisitions
  • Taxation of personal and family assets, featuring the aspects of heritage and inheritance tax
  • Taxation of public, semi-public and nonprofit entities such as foundations, associations and educational and sports entities
  • Overseeing our customers relationships with our clients’ tax administration, most importantly, to their representation before the inspection taxes
  • Substantiation of appeals and complaints to the Tax Administration and the Administrative Courts