The planning requires far more than other areas of law, of true specialists with proven experience, since, in practice, the right development is very unique because of the multiple scenarios, their complexity and the relationship with local councils.

We work as a wide-scoped team of lawyers, architects, engineers, surveyors, archaeologists and environment experts. The Complexlegal SLP team comprises:

  • Francesc Albín i Collet, council Architect of several towns in the province of Tarragona and with an extensive experience in land planning.
  • Rafael Cabré Vida, Industrial Engineer.
  • Francesc Primé Vidiell, Environmental Engineer.
  • Unión de Ingenieros Jover S.L..
  • Pedro Gonzalez Nebreda, Architect and President of the Association of Architects of Catalonia and Forensic Appraiser Experts (AAEPFC). He has broad experience and specializes in valuations and is recognized as a legal expert in his field.Jordi Lorente, is our specialist in urban development. He is an experienced professional in this sector, with great negotiating skills, of the utmost importance when dealing with local authorities.

Town Planning

The rules of the various planning instruments, both public and private, are drawn up with Francesc Albin, an expert in urban and land planning, either with or without council planners.

  • General Distribution Planning (current POUM)
  • Subsidiary Rules
  • Urban Action Programs (PAUM)
  • Special Plans
  • Partial Plans
  • Urban Improvement Plans


The management part of urban planning is usually the most troublesome one because of the difficulty involved deploying unexpected issues. These inevitably come up when carrying out the
fieldwork initially planned, requiring extensive technical know-how and, more importantly, the expertise and capacity to solve them.
We create, manage and advise owners associations, plot owners, compensation boards and maintenance entities, planning or other collaborating urban development bodies.

We support companies and individuals in any kind of town planning operation. We cooperate in the drafting and processing of development projects, negotiating with all stakeholders and organizations involved in development. We work out and draw up contracts with contractors to implement the developments.
We draft reparcelling projects and duly calculate the contributions and compensation.
Part of our job is to keep track and advise on the negotiation between individuals and the local council to determine the compensation and compensation processes derived from reparcelling in all its forms: basic compensation, compensation for consultation, cooperation and expropriation.

We draft urban planning partnership agreements and bring up urban planning audits as set out by the Catalan regulations, and assess the fitness or otherwise of the approach, by proposing appropriate corrective actions.
Jordi Lorente has managed or advised the following:

  • Compensation Board Rials i Garrofers of Teià
  • Compensation Board Les Forques de Santa Coloma de Queralt
  • Compensation Board Mont-Barbat, de Maçanet de la Selva
  • Compensation Board UA-1 Sur de Almeda de Cornellà de Llobregat
  • Compensation Board de la Isla delimitada por las calles de Puigcerdà, Venezuela, Pallars y Maresme de Barcelona (22 @)
  • Compensation Board Les Planes de Cabra
  • Collaborator Urban Entity Fuente de los Enamorados de Caldes de Montbui
  • Cooperation Association Ca N’Armengol de Corbera de Llobregat
  • Neighbourhood Association from residential complex Fuente del alpargatera de Terrassa
  • Residential complex La Servera de Corbera de Llobregat
  • Compensation Board Mas Llorens de Santa Coloma de Farners
  • Compensation Board Levante 10 de El Masnou
  • Compensation Board UA 3 calle Cervantes de Badalona

We advise and manage compensation boards, Urban Conservation Organizations, partial plans, plots, planning licenses, etc. and give support to companies and individuals in all types of planning operations.

Town Planning Control

The government has many powers and privileges opposed to the individual, which is a cause of many conflicts and work orders for suspension of licenses, review licenses, sanctioning authority for planning offences, and so on. When our professionals face these situations, they provide our customers not only our vast experience, but also empower our bargaining skills to reach pragmatic solutions.

We expedite planning approvals and licenses, business licenses, legalization or opening establishments and industries. Our intervention covers the process of granting as well as that of denial of licenses and their defense, if necessary, before the contentious-administrative jurisdiction.
Our team manages urban discipline proceedings, appeals against sanctions against improper denials of licenses or against the imposition of abusive conditions, processes of action or other administrative irregularities.

Compulsory Expropriation

The execution by the public authorities of infrastructure (roads, railways, airports), or enforcement of uses of urban planning (squares and gardens, hospitals, schools, etc.) inevitably means, in many cases, acquiring the necessary land by eminent domain.

Complexlegal offers comprehensive advice both in the process of approving projects that legitimate eminent domain, with special reference to timing and environmental impact, as expropriatory actions themselves. In this sense, we work closely with the architect Pedro Gonzalez Nebreda in determining the properties and rights affected, fixing of fair compensation, conciliation and arguments, if any, before the jury of eminent domain and the defense of our customers “to the Administrative jurisdiction” in the course of further challenging the compensation awarded.

Complexlegal offers comprehensive advice on both the proceeding for approval of projects that authorise expropriations, with particular reference to their environmental impact and opportunity, such as in expropriatory activities. In this sense, we work closely with the architect Pedro González Nebreda in determining the assets and affected rights, fixing fair compensation, conciliation and appeals, if any, before the Expropriation Jury and our clients defense “before the administrative courts” in the event of further appeal to the initial compensation.

Jordi Lorente has been involved in many expropriation processes, among others:

  • The opening of the crossing of Av. Diagonal on its way to Poble Nou in Barcelona
  • The barracks at Sant Andreu de Barcelona (Consorcio de la Zona Franca)
  • Calle Llívia Barcelona (PRONOBA)