Proceedings for offences of fraud and other crimes against property

  • Unlawful appropriation
  • Scam

Proceedings for insolvency offences punishable by law

  • Sending in the bailiffs
  • Indictable insolvency proceedings

Proceedings involving corporate offences

  • Abusive arrangements and partners’ infringement of political rights
  • Dishonest management
  • Accounting offences

Proceedings for offences against the Tax and Social Security

  • AuthoritiesIn connection with administrative proceedings that may refer to the same facts

Proceedings for offences against the rights of workers

  • In relation to work related disciplinary proceedings, especially in proceedings for homicide or reckless injuries, directly related to safety at work
  • Imposition of hazardous working conditions, restriction of workers’ rights, illegal trafficking in labour and illegal immigration and mobbing

Proceedings for offences relating to regional planning and environmental protection

  • In proceedings brought up as a result of complaints

Proceedings for offences relating to intellectual and industrial property

  • Cybercrime
  • Breach of copyright or trademark infringement

Proceedings for offences related to the market and consumers

  • Advertising crime and malicious price manipulation
  • Insider information
  • Tampering of appliances
  • Business secrets

Other proceedings

  • Offences against the Public Administration and Justice Administration
  • Crimes of professional intrusiveness